Prophecy 2011

NBFC December 31, 2010

Pastor Craig Teddy


The Year of Gathering


As THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, I say unto you, Look to the Salmon and obtain knowledge.  As the life cycle is of the Salmon so it is for my Church.  The Salmon, is born and leaves its comfort area, only to return to make ready a new generation, so has it been for my church.  The reward is great as one that prevails.  It is of my purpose and of my plan says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!  It is all about the Harvest.  Upstream, against all odds, all of the birth pangs, are but for an appointed end!  TO GIVE BIRTH!

My house is to be used for a birthing center, and not just to give birth, but to nurture, care for and provide for my remnant, Says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Many have been scattered abroad because of abuse, but this is “THE YEAR OF GATHERING”, I am calling my run-a way’s to come home.  The reconciliation shall be great.  Increase, Increase, increase, this is the year of increase.  Increase of awareness, increase in trust, increase in the fruit, as well as increase in harvest.  Those which have scattered are returning, yes even now.  THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS says today, it is a supernatural gathering, it is of me.  As I call, many will respond and when they come they will be, oh so hungry.

Many of the flock have not been fed a balanced diet, this too is in the change, and it is MY gathering.  There will be a new trust.  My remnant will once again begin to trust one another.  My remnant once again will trust the Pastors that I have appointed, for I have placed my anointing upon the new, both to the Shepherd and to the fold.  The time of whoring is coming to an abrupt end.  My church is to be without spot or wrinkle, yet it has been mingled with the ways of the world.  Oh says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, I am a just God and I have heard the cry of my remnant and have answered that cry.

Prepare for increase says THE LORD.  I build my remnant on revelation, yes be prepared for new revelation, you will have a new awareness of my love.  As that awareness explodes within, it will ignite a desire to give without.  I know you; I have set you apart and have called you by name.  Turn your heart to total obedience for the reward will be great.  You will walk in the Supernatural power of my anointing.  When you walk thru the water, I will be there, in the fiery trials of life- you’ll not be burned, for I am with you, ALL THE WAY!  I am THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, learn what this means and prevail.  You will do exploits for me!

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER, all of the glory is Mine, without Me you can do nothing, says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  I will not share My Glory with another.  The calling is an election sure!  The harvest is great, but where are my harvesters.  Do not be weary and listen not to scoffers, it will come to pass even as I have spoken.  Discouragement comes not from me and has no place in you.

Be a people of faith!  Faith will cause it to come to pass.  Be bold be strong and know that I am with you and in you.

The gathering is Mine- look to Me, I am that I am!  This will come to pass, but not without requirements.  My requirement for you is DETERMINATION:  Be determined to increase, determined to win, determined that you will not give into the easy way.  The easy way is downstream; the easy way leads to destruction.  I have not chosen you to destruction, but to victory.  Victory is for the strong-so be strong in me says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Preparation requires diligence; plowing, planting and watching.  All are hard work says The Lord-Harvesting also requires work, but oh the joy that comes in the morning.  Morning is on the brink.  Look for it, wait for it and be filled with anticipation.  Look up, Look up, coming from the north, look to the path to the south, the east and to the west.  All paths are filled with my remnant and are coming home even now.  Look for them, they are returning, IT IS MY GATHERING, says THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!



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