Our Pastors

Pastors Craig and Dorothy Teddy graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1984. They have been passionately preaching and teaching the Word of Faith message in the community of Mustang ever since. They thrive on seeing the family of New Beginnings excel in the face of adversity and grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

Teaching by precept and example, they point to the Word of God as the firm foundation for effective Christian living and the answer for every challenge in our lives. Training us to use our God-given authority in Christ, we can make an impact in our lives and the world around us.

Pastor Craig and Pastor Dorothy Teddy serve as District Directors for Rhema Bible Training Center. As RMAI Directors, they have been assigned to connect, communicate, and care for other Rhema ministers.

Pastor Craig Teddy was a successful businessman who left everything he had to follow the call of God on his own life and the life of his family. He teaches a practical message of faith and challenges us all to live the abundant, over-coming life God has made available to every believer.

Pastor Dorothy Teddy was given fourteen days to live when she purposed to prove the Word of God as the final authority in every situation and used it to effectively overcome the illness in her body. She has pioneered the way for women in ministry and continues to be a source of spiritual wisdom and insight into the Word of God and the body of New Beginnings Family Church.

Pastor Jason Teddy, also known as "Pastor Jay," graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center ten years after his parents. Pastor Jay serves as the "Pulse Youth Ministries" Leader and passionately shows them by action and example how they can put the Word to work in their heart and their lives.

He is effectively reaching youth that other ministries are not. His compassion and acceptance speaks volumes to these youth about the love of Christ and encourages them to become the young adults that God desires for them to be.

Pastor Nicole Teddy-Rush has been serving in the ministry of helps at NBFC since 1984. She has consistently upheld the mandate of her parents to teach God’s people His fullness. Nicole is the original founder of the Children’s Department at New Beginnings, serving now as Assistant Pastor and Comptroller of the church with her husband, Geoffrey Rush.

Our Pastors can be heard across the nation on the Oasis Radio Network (insert link to oasisnetwork.org). This outreach has been an encouragement to people across the world and others we would never have come in contact with. NBFC continues to effectively reach our community and the world for Jesus Christ through the voice of our Pastors.