Children’s Department

Using music, puppets, videos and interactive lessons, NBFC’s Children’s Department is a fun environment for children of all ages.

The nursery is for babies from birth to 12 months, or until they are walking. Once they start walking they move to another department in the nursery where they work with little-walkers until they turn three years old.

In this peaceful environment the children enjoy fun soothing music and are taught the simple Bible elements. Songs such as “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and other Sunday School songs introduce these precious lives to the love of God and the Name of Jesus.

The Todder’s class is for children who have graduated from the nursery at 3 years old until they turn five. This class is alive with activity as the children learn about Jesus  through lively music, entertaining activities, picture stories and coloring projects.

The curriculum teaches each child that Jesus loves them and involves practical group interaction skills and kindness towards one another. Smiles and laughter are the ingredients of this class and a hit with all the toddlers.

Children 5 to 9 years old focus on Word-inspired lessons that impart and encourage faith in God and help each child develop a positive self-image that reflects Christ.

Learning how the scriptures apply to their lives now will give them a foundation of spiritual strength they can carry with them their entire lives. We are committed to the spiritual growth and well-being of each child and want to show them serving the Lord is FUN!